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We are interested in any and all opportunities to acquire minerals and royalties. Contact us and we can let you know what information we need to make an offer on your interests.

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PECAN CREEK ENERGY is a fully funded buyer of mineral rights and royalties. Our expert team is committed to providing you a streamlined process to deliver an offer you can count on. If you have oil or gas producing interests in Texas or Louisiana, let us help you tap into your land’s wealth potential.

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    Our offers are fully funded the moment they’re made. That means no middle-man, saving you time and money

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We are always seeking high-quality mineral and royalty interests. For more information, please call 214-613-1575, email me, John David Wells, at or fill out the form.

Please include the location of your property (state, county/parish, unit/section) and an estimate of your net acreage. The more information you can provide about your interest, the better we can build your offer.

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